The links below will direct you to more information about what you can do to educate and advocate for these issues:

Fair Districts - End Gerrymandering

When legislative leaders manipulate district boundaries to keep themselves in office or to silence their opposition, we ALL lose. This abuse of our political system has made Pennsylvania one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. ​

2022 Pa. redistricting maps:
Search now to see your old and new legislative districts.

Click on this link to Spotlight PA and search for your district to see how it would change by entering your street address. ​

Change is needed. Right now, whichever party has control of the legislature has control of redistricting.  Fair Districts PA is advocating for a fair and transparent process that includes public input.
To learn more, go to Fair Districts PA website at

Reproductive Rights

If you believe politicians have no business interfering in the most personal and private medical decisions pertaining to reproductive rights, we encourage you to help us elect candidates who  have been vocal in their opposition to restricting these rights.

You can start by helping LV4All Get Out the Vote (GOTV) for progressive candidates up for election for US Senate, US Representative, PA State Governor, PA Senator, and PA House of Representative.   


We all want to protect the quality of life for ourselves and future generations by stopping the degradation of our environment caused by climate change.  A majority of  state legislators oppose urgent action to transition to 100% renewable energy because they say climate change is not caused by human activity.   We can demand that our government implement massive reductions of warming emissions and transition to 100% renewable energy to avoid catastrophic impacts caused by climate change .
​ You can take action by : Learning what Go100% PA is doing to lobby for a Renewable Future for Pennsylvania. See their website at .

Helping LV4All Get Out the Vote (GOTV) for candidates up for election for PA Governor, PA Senate, and PA House of Representative who support Go100%PA proposed legislation.

Public Education

We believe every child in Pennsylvania has the right to a public education that prepares them for college and career. But our legislative leaders in Harrisburg have created a school funding system where the students who need the most get the least, because of where they live. By coming together we can demand that every school gets the funding needed to provide all our children the kind of education that prepares them for a bright future. ​

You can take action by: Learn what Education Voters PA is doing to promote Fair School Funding . See their website at .
Attend your local school board meetings.

HelpLV4All !!!   Get Out the Vote (GOTV) for progressive school board candidates up for election for PA Go.