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Lehigh Valley for All is a progressive, community-minded, grassroots organization whose goals are to provide a platform for voters to gain knowledge of the political system and to effectuate progressive policies within their communities through issue campaigns and encouraging our membership to seek office.  


We are a group of volunteers that work hard to organize and help candidates that believe in our progressive values and want the Lehigh Valley to move forward.  Our group will put "boots on the ground" for candidates that receive our endorsement. 

If you're ready to help us, please read our newsletter below for upcoming events and sign up for any event you can.  There are lots of ways to help.  From knocking on doors, driving canvassers, entering data or assisting with event planning, we're sure that there is something that you do well that will help us and thus help the Lehigh Valley.

Also, please note that the dues button on the following newsletter, which was originally an email -- directs you to this page you are already on, which has the DONATE button at the top -- so if you are reading the newsletter below,  and are confused by the Dues button, you now know to please  use the button at the top of this page to donate or pay dues.



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