Welcome to Lehigh Valley for All!
We are a progressive, community-minded, grassroots organization whose goals are to provide a platform for voters to gain knowledge of the political system and to effectuate progressive policies within their communities through issue campaigns and encouraging our membership to seek office.
We are a group of volunteers that work hard to organize and help candidates that believe in our progressive values and want the Lehigh Valley to move forward


If you are a candidate seeking public office in 2023 and would like LV4All's endorsement,  please obtain a LV4All member's name, email, and phone number who will sponsor you.   If you need a LV4All member sponsor, please email [email protected]   Then click on the link below to fill out the 2023 endorsement form.  You'll need to provide your LV4All sponsors contact information in the last 3 questions on this form.

LV4All  2023 Candidate Endorsement Application

 LV4All accepts all like-minded volunteers with progressive values.

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