Public Education

Fueled by Fox News and toxic national politics, extremists are attacking School Boards in Pennsylvania with COVID-19 and “critical race theory” conspiracy theories.  Now, a right-wing SuperPAC is spending $500,000 to defeat Democratic school board members who support mask mandates ahead of November’s PA elections.


Radical Trump Republicans are exploiting November’s PA School Board races to keep their base engaged. They’re hoping to start a wave of extremist School Board victories nationwide.

We need you to stand with us and demand that the demonization and dehumanization of public servants is not something our communities will accept.   You can take action by:

  • Attend your local school board meetings.  See the LV4All School Board page.

  • Helping LV4All Get Out the Vote (GOTV) for Democratic candidates up for election for state judges, county offices, municipal offices, and school boards.  See the  LV4All Events page .