The Bernie Sanders Fox News Town Hall

I went to the Bernie Sanders Fox News Town Hall, as did many Lehigh Valley for All members. Yes, I was one of the lucky few that got a ticket to the event early.

I was contacted by Fox News a couple of days later about asking a question at the event. When I signed up I submitted a question about what might happen if Bernie should not be successful in his bid again. Mainly, I was concerned that the people that vote for Bernie will vote for the person that ultimately did win. I wanted Bernie's thoughts on that.

However, Fox News wanted me to ask a question about "taxes or the economy." I knew that they wanted to grill him on how he's going to pay for all of the programs he's talking about. Of course, Bernie had a great answer for this. I wrote back that I wanted to ask my original question and they pretty much said thanks but no thanks.

I was okay with this. Appearing on Fox News was not one of my lifetime goals. Kathy Harrington our Volunteer Coordinating Committee Chair and one of the founders of Lehigh Valley for All had better luck. She did get to ask a question. I have a lot of fun with Kathy and her amazing ability to always get on TV at any event we go to. It's incredible! No matter what event it is, if there's a news crew there she manages to get them to ask her questions. When we went to go see Hillary Clinton in Scranton in 2016 it happened. Bo Koltnow could have picked any of the over 2,000 people that were there to ask a question of, but he picked Kathy. I tease her about this but the truth of the matter is she's a natural. She's gotten really good at this media thing. So good in fact, that she's now represented us on Channel 69's Business Matters program several times. If you haven't seen her you're missing out. It's fun to watch her. Here's the video to the last one she was on.

Bernie was great! He was the same guy you see on tv all the time. He has an avuncular style and quick wit that I happen to like very much. He's been at this a long time and they can't really trip him up. I guess that's why he's not afraid of going on Fox News. More candidates should probably do this and after the rousing success of this town hall (the highest rated one of this year so far) I imagine other Democrats will. Most in the crowd were supporters but there were a few conservatives around. They were greatly outnumbered.

I don't know how many of the Trump supporters that heard Bernie speak actually were convinced to turn away from the negativity of Donald Trump and latch on to this positive message that Bernie was espousing but if you don't try you'll never get any. Huge thumbs up to Bernie for trying and a huge thumbs up to Fox News for coming to Bethlehem to conduct this town hall. Let's hope there are more!

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