Covid Symptom Study

Jim Dustan has been participating in this study since March/April. He says: It’s definitely legit. I became involved through my participation in the long-term cancer study being conducted by the American Cancer Society. It takes less than a minute each day to respond.

Hello, Thank you for taking a few minutes each day to share your experiences on our COVID Symptom Study App.  As reported by NPR and Kaiser Health News, your reports also exposed the risks faced by our country’s front-line health care workers, particularly racial/ethnic minorities, in the fight against COVID-19.Learn moreYour reports have provided invaluable information about the odd, growing list of COVID-19 symptoms and the rising number of “long haulers” who experience long-term symptoms.  Now more than ever we need you to do your part to help your community and our health care heroes by checking in on the app and recommending the app to at least 5 others. Every daily entry makes a difference in our ability to fight this pandemic.  For more information, news, and research updates including the latest maps which show where symptoms are being reported, visit Sincerely, Andrew T. Chan, MD, MPH Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. COVID Symptom Study App

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