Pa. redistricting maps: Search now to see your old and new legislative districts.  Click on this link to Spotlight PA and search for your district to see how it would change by entering your street address.

Now, a bill (HB 2207) has been introduced claiming to be a “citizens” commission. This is NOT the impartial citizens commission voters asked for according to Fair Districts PA.

  1.     It fails to end the conflict of interest that allows party leaders to influence commissioners.

  2.     It creates a politically appointed partisan commission, not an impartial commission.

  3.    It alters the PA Constitution to allow one party complete control over legislative redistricting.

Here’s the good news: Rep Samuelson is putting forth an amendment to this sham bill that would revive the impartial Independent Citizens Commission Constitutional Amendment for both congressional and state legislative districts.
If passed, we would have a real independent citizens commission in 2031.

Click here to find your State Representative today and tell them PA Voters want a REAL impartial Independent Citizens Commission.