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Get Your Name on the Ballot as a Democratic Precinct Committee Person (PCP)

Precinct Committee Persons are the heart, soul, and strength of the Democratic Party where grassroots democracy begins.  Precinct Committee Persons represent the party to their neighbors and community.  They lead voter registration efforts and “Get Out the Vote” drives to elect candidates who:

  • Support quality education, accessible health care, and good paying jobs for everyone.

  • Work to pass legislation that promotes public safety and prevents voter suppression. 

  • Click here  for a more detailed PCP job description


Democratic Precinct Committee Persons are elected every 4 years by registered Democrats who live in the same precinct as the Precinct Committee Person. This election is scheduled when the Pennsylvania Governor is up for election.

Step 1:  Find your Precinct Name – go to

The Precinct name is displayed on a page after you submit your address information.

Step 2:  Submit your name and contact information along with your precinct name on the LV4All Precinct Committee Person form so we can send you the required petition form for your County.  You can also obtain one from your County Elections Office or you can download and print the petition.  After you print out page 1, use the same sheet of paper to print out page 2.

Download and Print Lehigh County Petition

Download and Print Northampton County Petition

Step 3:  Go to your County Elections Office and obtain a list of all the registered voters in your precinct so you know who are registered as Democrats.  LV4All can help you obtain this list.  Contact LV4All by filling out the LV4All Precinct Committee Person form 

Lehigh County Elections Office:           17 S. 7th Street Allentown, PA 18101

Northampton County Elections Office:   669 Washington St, Easton, PA 18042

Step 4: Review your County's instructions for gathering signatures.

Lehigh County Signature Requirements

Northampton County Signature Requirements

Step 5: Gather at least 10 (15 is better) signatures of registered Democrats who live in your precinct.  The petition period is from Feb 15, 2022 to March 8, 2022.  When finished, sign your county's candidate affidavit and have it notarized.  You can go to a LV4All petition signing event to get it notarized.   Download and Print your County's Candidate Affidavit

Lehigh County Candidate Affidavit      

Northampton County Candidate Affidavit

Step 6: Submit your petition and Candidate Affidavit to your County Elections Office by March 8, 2022.